Rental Property Management

Why choose Southview for management?

Professional service

Real estate is not a commodity to gamble with when considering investment opportunities. A longstanding local property management company specializing in a particular area can view a property and easily assess the value of a property to an investor. Southview knows the real estate business, the community, and uses tried and true procedures to find the investor a high calibre of tenants to maximize revenue and minimize rental vacancies.

Location, location, location

Our areas of expertise are the Richmond and Vancouver areas.  Downtown Vancouver is one of the hottest rental markets in North America. Our Rental Management staff is dedicated to achieving maximum returns for investors while ensuring top calibre tenants are obtained for investment properties.

Economical marketing

Southview has built up a client base, and from that base generates many referrals for qualified tenants.  We also advertise on this website as well as other free ones available so there is usually no advertising charges.

Screening of Tenants for your investment property

Tenants are checked on the following criteria:

  • Reference checks of previous landlords/property management companies
  • Employment stability (longevity/position/salary) to determine financial ability to pay rent
  • Credit rating and bank account verifications
  • # of occupants, vehicles, pets, etc.

Cost-effective Management and Maintenance

Southview’s charges are very economical. We offer cost-effective management and maintenance, providing a very strong and competent team of contractors from whom all purchasing discounts, preferred rates and pooled-interest benefits are passed along to the investor. When buying, or deciding to improve an income property, the most important considerations are for what is most likely to attract and retain the best tenants; how to maximize return on your investment through higher rents, yet minimize maintenance costs and facilitate minimal long-term maintenance.

Financial Planning, Record-keeping and Transactions Tracking

  • Accurate record-keeping of rental income and expenditures
  • Payroll services
  • Employee bonding
  • Detailed, comparable monthly financial statements.


Southview works in conjunction with insurance companies who provide packages specifically designed for rental properties, thereby insuring the appropriate needs of the owner are met.  We will maintain the premiums for these properties at the request of the owner.

Speak to our Staff

If you are looking to rent out your unit, Furnished or Unfurnisehd, our Rental Agent will be more than happy to help, please Contact Us for more details.