Residential Strata Property Management

Your owned condominium or townhouse is described as a strata lot. Collectively all strata lots within your development form a Strata Corporation. This is your community.

The Strata Council, formed by strata lot owners, sets operational policies and procedures to deal with common property and to help maintain balance and harmony within your community.

Southview provides additional specialized services when dealing with common property issues which are not generally available within your Strata Corporation’s scope. We bring over 20 years of experience in all matters relating to the operation and management of your community.

Community Involvement

  • Receive and respond to phone calls and correspondence from owners
  • Make and post notices for owners as necessary
  • Prepare and distribute management reports to the elected Strata Council
  • Attend Strata Council meetings
  • Prepare agendas for Strata Council meetings
  • Compose and distribute minutes of Strata Council meetings
  • Provide dynamic management and security tips
  • Ensure that Bylaws, rules and regulations are enforced
  • Arrange for reviews of Bylaws as required and provide expertise in the drafting of new Bylaws and rules

Maintenance fees

Maintenance fees are collected by Southview from owners to finance the operating budget for maintenance and upkeep of common property. Your responsibility for the operating budget is determined by your unit entitlement and contributes to items such as insurance, security, utilities, garbage removal, landscaping and general repair and maintenance of the common property. Maintenance fees are due and payable on the first of every month.


  • Collecting monthly maintenance payments and special assessments required from time to time
  • Record and deposit maintenance fees and fines
  • Payment of all Strata Corporation invoices
  • Maintain trust accounts and prepare bank reconciliations
  • Provide monthly Operating Statements including Income Statement, General Ledger details, Balance Sheet, and Arrears Report
  • Maintain all accounting records as required under the Strata Property Act of British Columbia
  • Prepare operating budgets for strata communities based on knowledge of similar properties
  • Preparation of subsequent annual operating budgets with Strata Council members


Southview will, on behalf of the Strata Corporation, provide competitive insurance coverage as required under the Strata Property Act and regularly review the insurance in effect in order that the most comprehensive and economical coverage is maintained.

We undertake to also cooperate with all owners in investigating and reporting all accidents or damage claims covered by the Insurance Policy in force for the corporation.


  • Maintain an up-to-date registry of all owners
  • Maintain a registry of rented suites and Form K’s
  • Process Form K requests
  • Levy fines and liens against delinquent owners as per the Strata Council’s instructions
  • Prepare and circulate minutes of meetings
  • As the Corporation’s registered office Southview maintains all administrative records as required under the Strata Property Act of British Columbia


It is recommended that you change your locks after possession so that you are the only person who can gain access to your home. The Strata Corporation does not keep a key for your home and will only enter your home in the case of an emergency.

Resolving deficiencies

Southview will aid in resolving common area deficiencies by:

  • identifying warranty-end dates for the Strata Corporation
  • attending deficiency walkthroughs with developer or representatives
  • compiling deficiency lists to present to the developer
  • follow up on outstanding common area deficiency items to bring them to a timely conclusion

Emergency Services

We maintain a 24-hour emergency service for all of our properties. Normally calls are returned within fifteen minutes.

Cost-effective Maintenance

  • Weekly inspection of common areas
  • Coordination of building and grounds maintenance
  • Hiring and supervision of contractors as necessary
  • Supervision of contractors working on the property
  • Arranging all other contractual services including cleaning, painting, decorating, etc. subject to the direction of Strata Council
  • Arranging for the purchase of equipment, tools, materials and supplies where necessary. All purchasing discounts, preferred rates and pooled-interest benefits received as a result of bulk purchasing are passed on to the Corporation.
  • Negotiate contracts on behalf of the council of owners for all services required for the common property, subject to the approval of the Strata Council.